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Welcome to the BBCA!!!

America's Premier Elite Biewer Club!


The BBCA is a group of dog fanciers that have joined together to preserve, protect, and promote the purebred Biewer a la pom pon. We breed only Biewer to Biewer. We guide our breeders to produce vigorous, healthy puppies, while striving to conform to the standard of the breed. We provide education to the public and seek to have our breed recognized by national and international dog organizations.


On behalf of the entire BBCA family we would like to express our condolences to the family of Mrs. Gertrude Biewer.
We received the sad news that she passed away October 10, 2012 after a lengthy illness. Mrs. Biewer, along with her husband, Werner, were the co-founders of this lovely breed which with we are blessed. The legacy she and her husband left behind are our wonderful Biewers and that is something we could never have thanked them enough. Although the passage of time has diminished, we are left with the task of proudly continuing to take the breed into the future on their behalf



The Biewer Breed Club of America, Inc. (BBCA), is made up of a diverse group of dedicated Biewer fanciers and Biewer lovers located around the globe. We are a family of sorts, caring for one another, and marveling at our love of our beautiful Biewers.

The Biewer Breed Club of America, Inc. is the
American Biewer club that has bred Biewer to Biewer exclusively since the club's inception. Our interest lies in the development of the purebred Biewer a la pom pon. Our breeders do not cross breed their dogs with yorkshire terriers or parti colored yorkshire terriers nor do we condone these breedings. We are very proud of our beginnings in the preservation of the purebred Biewer a la Pom Pon. Protection of the Biewers and its original standard are the of the utmost importance to use with intent to hold true to the long term goals of the originator of this exquisite breed. Although the ancestry of the Biewer includes Yorkshire Terrier lines it is through select Biewer to Biewer breeding that has established the Biewer as a distinct breed.

There has been some concern and controversy about litters of Biewer to Biewer breedings which have produced off colored puppies and how the BBCA will handle these puppies with this type of fault. These pups either have black missing resulting in gold/white coloring, commonly called Gold Dust, or they have brown caramel coloring, in place of the black/blue, commonly called Biro. Since the BBCA was founded on the premise of adhering strictly to the Biewer Standard that has been in place from the development of this breed, we have to treat these off color puppies/dogs as
as faults. To maintain the breed to its standard, we must use caution when breeding and understand the necessity of doing so.

It is a national breed club's responsibility to preserve, protect, and promote it's chosen breed. Although there is NOT an AKC National Biewer Club to date, the Biewer Breed Club of America, Inc. has taken on this responsibility with steadfast perseverance. We strive to educate the public and breeders about the Biewer a la Pom Pon as a breed of its own merit with research studies and seminars. The BBCA is working in conjunction with the BBIR by using a DNA profile certification program through MMI Genomics. We are dedicated to preserving the gene pool with strict guidelines for our breeders' programs to assure only the best specimens of the breed are reproduced. BBCA's members are actively involved in promoting the breed through confirmation events, obedience, agility trials, and pet therapy.

We invite you to search through the BBCA website. Enjoy your time browsing and we hope you feel the passion of this great club and enjoy the gorgeous Biewers. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us. We are here to help and educate others about this wonderful breed. We thank Mr. and Mrs. Werner & Gertrude Biewer for their dedication to this breed and vow to continue their hard work here in North America and abroad. With our hard work and dedication to this breed we are working towards becoming the National Breed Club in the future and America's premier elite Biewer Club!

Email us: Biewerbreedclubint@yahoo.com

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